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Sometimes the items don't place and it leaves an invisible collider?

Closed 1.0.6

Hey there, we seem to have run into a problem with the plugin. Sometimes the entity won't place physically, but it places the collider for the entity. We tried removing all the building pieces out from under it, but the collider seems to be moving/reattaching to the next piece. This has caused a pretty huge problem for one of my players as he now has to remove his entire build and go elsewhere to rebuild. Any ideas?



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Are you on the latest version?
1.0.5 I was able to reproduce that bug but with 3 hours of testing 1.0.6 looked to of fixed it.
If your on latest version ill have a look into a function that does a self check after its placed to make sure its all spawned in other wise it removes its collider.

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