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Bot chute speed no change

Pending 1.1.7


So I tried 100 to 50 to 1 and there is no change on bot chute speed.. Also is it possible to add chute height drop and speed for each available profile (I know a lot of work sorry).. Thanks, Love you 🙂

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Hey mate,
I'll check over and here and see what's going on.

The parachute speed is slightly randomised, so that if have many spawn at the same time they don't all drop at exactly the same speed.
The control your given for max speed is meant to limit that range a little.
It's fairly subtle, and probably only apparently if you're watching a group of npcs drop together.


Yeah, I think should starting height could be adjusted pretty easily.
I've always had it hard-coded as 200f for regular profiles, and crate height-40 for aidrops.
I could make that 200 a config option if you want to try it out?


"Thanks, Love you"
I like you a normal amount... 👍

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Hey mate.
I just checked this out. The max speed thing seems to be working OK.
I set it to zero and a group of npcs all parachuted down at exactly the same speed - Like they're tied together.
I set to 100% and the same group fell with randomised speeds, so some were a good bit faster than others.

I've added Parachute_From_Height to global config, and clamped it between 50 and 1000. 👍

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