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Not working?

Not a Bug 1.3.0

2 minutes ago, MOTH said:

UPDATE: Turns out this was my fault the loot table didn't load when i added it.

Hey, yeah. Put in the config first, then reload the plugin and it should be good to go. 🙂 

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3 hours ago, SuperCop said:

First off im a noob.....i dont understand what you mean by put in the configuration first....please help me step by step

So, you firstly go to the description page of the plugin, scrolling down under the video you'll see something like Updated on 8th of October, 2021 #6, click on the button right on the right of that to download the configuration file, it's called StaticLootables.json. After that's downloaded, open up your server's oxide folder, go in the "config" folder and put the file in there. Now go back one folder, go to plugins and put in the StaticLootables.cs in there, and you're set!

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