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Statistics page for In-game Stats 1.3.2

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About Statistics page for In-game Stats

This template is powered off of Steenamaroo PlayerRanks plugin.



Feature List

* Displays a table with stats from in-game

* Clean interface

* Player Counter

* Personal Stats

* Server info



How To Install

*Drag all the folders into your web server

*Open the config folder and open Sitconfig.php and input your information

*Open the config folder and open the subfolder called serverDBs. This it where your site will get the data to display




Go to https://rust-servers.info/ and register your server to get your server's api. Should look like this https://api.rust-servers.info/status/


How it works:

This application grabs database information that has been populated with Steenamaroo's Player ranks plugin

It will display it in a easy to read list with a clean darkmode appearance.



Need Support?

Add me on discord!


User Feedback

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