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  1. Tanki


    anyone to make this or fix the original plugin please? if necessary, i can paid Thanks very much
  2. Hello, i don't use noraid plugin maybe share your config for helping you?
  3. Im using SimpleLoot plugin.... so i can't... but thanks very much
  4. Hello, possible to add a custom loot table? Thanks
  5. Tanki


    Hello, description: I would like to limit raids on my server. I know there is a plugin on umod but the author is not too active to fix some bugs Functionality: - block all types of damage (must be compatible with TruePVE for the Schedule part) - When Schedule is activated, raid is authorized by limiting the number to 1 raid / day only purchasable with RP points * * this requires a command => / raidlimit add <steamid64> <value> (requires compatibility with the serverrewards and timedexecuted plugin) - Data reset every day - A gui indicat
  6. tested No Deployable Penalty and work for me
  7. gcraft vip 1.5: File was updated correctly: { "CraftingSpeed": { "default": 1.0, "authenticated": 1.0, "regular": 1.0, "elite": 1.0, "legend": 1.0, "vip": 1.5, "donator": 1.0, "serverarmour.hardware.ownsbloody": 1.0 } }
  8. Some member use this plugin with bug and only you have nothing? it's crazy ^^
  9. I'm interessed for this plugin entitylimit is bugged...
  10. https://umod.org/plugins/no-vehicle-fuel oh ok my bad read MikeHawke, is god for this
  11. Tanki


    I've commit a misstake sorry ^^ StackSizeController should not be able to modify the stack for TC (allow and only x2) If a admin/modo can merge or it's auto? surprise apparently no ^^
  12. Tanki


    Hello, not having found a corresponding plugin, I ask you. Plugin name: ManagerUpKeep Description: Block the number of resources in the CT taking into account the value of decay.upkeep_period_minutes which I defined at 1440. This value will not change in the future. Stack x2 maximum with compatibility with the StackSizeController plugin Block resources that are not necessary for the upkeep (fabric, gunpowder, animal fat, leather, etc.) Example: the plugin authorizes 15k (this must include all resources, wood, stone, metal fragment, hqm). The player puts: 5k sto
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