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About Slum Dwelling Structure Pack – (Roleplay)

A collection of roleplay structures be it buildings, walls, clutter, or otherwise. Set in varying styles.

This Slum Dwelling pack includes Wood/scrap aesthetic buildings/housing/clutter for role-play servers.

This product is designed for mappers and roleplay enthusiasts!



Product Features

  • A map file, prefab bundled folder
  • Over 20 RP designed buildings
  • Clutter/wall Props


The purpose of this product is to provide server owners/map designers with a pack of already prebuilt roleplay designed buildings. For either easier construction of cities, points of interest or frames of reference.

The map pack includes all variants, in a organized manner. There is a mixture of fully furnished structures being prebuilt examples of what can be,  considering not all role play servers are the same bewared! Blank housings (without deployables) might fit use cases better where players have more liberty.

Full are prefabs with included deployables and furnishing, Blank are empty prefabs for easy editing, Extra are buildings/structures for using up space. Loose are smaller prefabs like walls, pillars, stairs and misc type single prefabs or smaller complex structures.

As deployables like “Ex sleeping bag” placed in rust edit to my knowledge cannot be claimed. Also concerns of TC, placements may arise, and prevent building volumes. I have included no “prevent building volumes” and tc’s by their nature cannot be placed inside these buildings– Server owners should account for this, and make note of decay of deployables and remedy that either by serverside settings or a plugin. I have tested with boxes, furnaces, sleeping bags and similar deployables and most if not all can fit in side of the provided structures dependent on size of said structure.

Much as deployables cannot be claimed nor can rustedit io electronics be modified in-game to my experience– There are ceiling lights and switches included as examples. * Players can place most stuff including ceiling deployables like lights * even with the odd selection of prefabs.

Find any concerns message me on discord  STAR#6624  … I do urge thee to contact me so I can swiftly resolve it.

https://discord.gg/c8DXF5DVja  Check out my personal discord!

That said modify to what you wish and most of all have fun.

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