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About Teleportication

Nextgen Teleport plugin for Rust.

A lot of the familiar commands from older teleport plugins are still there, with some exceptions.  You may also import your user homes from those plugins (see below).

Uses Friends, Clans, Rust teams, RustIO, GridAPI, NoEscape, Vanish.


  • /sethome NAME is an alias for /home set NAME.
  • /home or /home list will show your currently set home names, locations, and last used time.
    • /home list OTHERPLAYER will show a list of that player's currently set homes (Based on Friends, Clans, or Teams membership).
    • /home set NAME - Sets a home at player's current location
    • /home remove NAME - Removes the home named NAME
    • /home NAME - Teleports you to your home with that NAME.
  • /homeg - Show a GUI listing user homes (currently only for the current user).
  • /town - Takes you to town
    • /town set - Sets town at the current location
  • /bandit - Takes you to Bandit Town
    • /bandit set - Sets bandit at the current location
  • /outpost - Takes you to the Outpost
    • /outpost set - Sets outpost at the current location
  • /tp x, y, z or /tp x, z -- Teleport to coordinates
  • /tpr PLAYER - Request teleport to PLAYER
  • /tpa - Accept teleport request
  • /tpc - Cancel a teleport
  • /tpb - Takes you back to your previous location
  • /tpadmin - Parent admin command to be run with one of the following subcommands:
    • /tpadmin wipe - Wipe ALL homes and town, etc.  Will reset outpost and bandit locations as well (normally should run at wipe).  Does not prompt before action.
    • /tpadmin backup - Backup the database
    • /tpadmin debug - Enable/disable extra debug (alters config Option debug only during runtime)
    • /tpadmin info - Show current global config flags
    • /tpadmin import - Import data from R/NTeleportation (homes only)
  • /tunnel -- List available tunnel entrances
    • /tunnel NAME OF TUNNEL -- Teleport to a tunnel entrance

Note that the tunnel locations are limited to bunker locations at this time and are no longer associated with other monuments by name.

If you specify r, it will select the RTeleporationHome.json file (and NTeleportationHome.json for n).  This file must be present in your oxide/data folder from previous use of the other plugins.

If you add 1 or y, etc. to the end of the command, it will actually do the import.  Otherwise, it will show the data in chat so you can evaluate correctness, data presence, etc.)


  • /tpadmin import r - Show data available for import from RTeleportationHome.json (No actual import)
  • /tpadmin import n y - Import data from NTeleportationHome.json.  Users will immediately be able to use their homes from the old plugin.

Bypassing cooldowns when using Economics or ServerRewards

As of version 1.3.4, Economics and ServerRewards can be used to bypass cooldown timers for the various commands.

If either of these is enabled - see configuration below - here is an example of what will happen for the player:

  1. Player enters chat command /home 1.
  2. As it turns out, they had already run this command within the last 5 minutes, and that is the admin setting for cooldown on /home.
  3. Player receives a notification: "Currently in cooldown for home for another 123 seconds.  Run again to pay 5 for bypass." (5 is the amount set by the admin for /home)
  4. Player enters chat command /home 1 AGAIN.
  5. Player receives a notification: "Cooldown  for home bypassed by paying 5"
  6. 5 is deducted from the player's balance in whichever plugin has been configured.  If both are enabled, it will deduct money where it can if it can.
  7. Player is then teleported after the COUNTdown.

This can potentially be improved, but this is currently how it works.


  • teleportication.use     - /home
  • teleportication.tp       - /tp
  • teleportication.tpb     - /tpb
  • teleportication.tpr      - /tpr
  • teleportication.town    - /town
  • teleportication.bandit  - /bandit
  • teleportication.outpost - /outpost
  • teleportication.tunnel  - /tunnel


  "Options": {
    "debug": false,
    "logtofile": false,
    "useClans": false,
    "useFriends": false,
    "useTeams": false,
    "useEconomics": false,
    "useServerRewards": false,
    "useNoEscape": false,
    "useVanish": false,
    "HomeRequireFoundation": true,
    "StrictFoundationCheck": true,
    "HomeRemoveInvalid": true,
    "HonorBuildingPrivilege": true,
    "HonorRelationships": false,
    "AutoGenBandit": true,
    "AutoGenOutpost": true,
    "AutoGenTunnels": false,
    "HomeMinimumDistance": 10.0,
    "DefaultMonumentSize": 120.0,
    "CaveDistanceSmall": 40.0,
    "CaveDistanceMedium": 60.0,
    "CaveDistanceLarge": 100.0,
    "MinimumTemp": 0.0,
    "MaximumTemp": 40.0,
    "SetCommand": "set",
    "ListCommand": "list",
    "RemoveCommand": "remove",
    "AddTownMapMarker": false,
    "TownZoneId": null,
    "TownZoneEnterMessage": "Welcome to Town",
    "TownZoneLeaveMessage": "Thanks for stopping by!",
    "TownZoneFlags": [
  "Types": {
    "Home": {
      "BlockOnHurt": false,
      "BlockOnCold": false,
      "BlockOnHot": false,
      "BlockOnCave": false,
      "BlockOnRig": false,
      "BlockOnMonuments": false,
      "BlockOnHostile": false,
      "BlockOnSafe": true,
      "BlockOnBalloon": false,
      "BlockOnCargo": false,
      "BlockOnExcavator": false,
      "BlockOnLift": false,
      "BlockOnMounted": true,
      "BlockOnSwimming": false,
      "BlockOnWater": false,
      "BlockForNoEscape": false,
      "BlockIfInvisible": false,
      "BlockInTunnel": false,
      "AutoAccept": false,
      "DailyLimit": 0.0,
      "HomesLimit": 10.0,
      "CountDown": 5.0,
      "CoolDown": 120.0,
      "AllowBypass": false,
      "BypassAmount": 0.0,
      "VIPSettings": null


Global Options

  • `useClans` -- Use various Clans plugins for determining relationships
  • `useFriends` -- Use various Friends plugins for determining relationships
  • `useTeams` -- Use Rust native teams for determining relationships
  • `HomeRequireFoundation` -- Require a foundation to set or use a home
  • `StrictFoundationCheck` -- Require centering on a foundation block to set a home
  • `HomeRemoveInvalid` -- If the home is no longer valid due to building privilege, destruction, etc., remove it.
  • `HonorBuildingPrivilege` -- If set, require building privilege to use a home.
  • `HonorRelationships` -- If set, honor any of the useXXX features to determine ability to teleport to a home.
  • `AutoGenBandit` -- Generate bandit location once per wipe.
  • `AutoGenOutpost` -- Generate outpost location once per wipe.
  • `DefaultMonumentSize` -- Most monuments do not contain a size parameter, so this would be the default in that case.
  • `CaveDistanceSmall` -- Small cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
  • `CaveDistanceMedium` -- Medium cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
  • `CaveDistanceLarge` -- Large cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
  • `MinimumTemp` -- Minimum player temperature to allow teleport, if BlockOnCold is set.
  • `MaximumTemp` -- Maximum player temperature to allow teleport, if BlockOnHot is set.
  • `SetCommand` -- For different languages to select something other than 'set' to set home, town, etc.
  • `RemoveCommand` -- For different languages to select something other than 'set' to remove homes
  • `AddTownMapMarker` -- If true, adds a green dot at the location of town on player maps
  • `TownZoneId` -- If set to anything other than null, an attempt will be made to assign a zone to town using ZoneManager.  This can be a zone you have already set to your liking.  This is to avoid having to reset the zone location every time you move or set town.
  • `TownZoneEnterMessage` -- When entering the town zone, players will see this message.  Default is "Welcome to Town".  Leave empty if you already have a zone setup the way you like it.
  • `TownZoneLeaveMessage"` -- When leaving the town zone, players will see this message.  Default is  "Thanks for stopping by!".
  • `TownZoneFlags` -- The default values here prevent town decay and targeting by the heli within the town zone.  You can remove this if desired by setting this variable to [].  Or, edit the zone flags as you like.  See the documentation for ZoneManager.

For each of home, town, bandit, outpost, tpr, flags may be set as follows:

  • `BlockOnHurt`: false -- Block if player is injured (bleeding, etc.).
  • `BlockOnCold`: false -- Block if player is too cold.
  • `BlockOnHot`: false -- Block if player is too hot.
  • `BlockOnCave`: false -- Block if player is in or near a cave.
  • `BlockOnRig`: false -- Block if player is on one of the oil rigs.
  • `BlockOnMonuments`: false -- Block if player is to close to any monument.
  • `BlockOnHostile`: false -- Block if player is hostile (for bandit/outpost only).
  • `BlockOnSafe`: false -- Block if player is in a safe area.
  • `BlockOnBalloon`: false -- Block if player is on a hot air balloon.
  • `BlockOnCargo`: false -- Block if player is on the cargo ship.
  • `BlockOnExcavator`: false -- Block if player is on the excavator monument.
  • `BlockOnLift`: false -- Block if player is on a lift.
  • `BlockOnMounted`: false -- Block if player is mounted to a chair, etc.
  • `BlockOnSwimming`: false -- Block if player is swimming.
  • `BlockOnWater`: false -- Block if player is above water.
  • `BlockInTunnel`: true -- Block if player is in a tunnel (height check)
  • `AutoAccept`: false -- Only valid for TPR to automatically TPA (For Friends, Clans, and teams).
  • `DailyLimit`: 0.0 -- If set to other than 0, the limit for this action per day.
  • `HomesLimit`: 10.0 -- Set per user home limits Only used by /sethome and only valid for the "Home" config although it will appear in other configs.
  • `CountDown`: 5.0 -- Waiting period for action on home, tpr, etc.
  • `CoolDown`: 120.0  -- Waiting period until next teleport of this type

For each of home, town, bandit, outpost, tpr, VIP settings may be added as follows:

The default is "VIPSettings": null, ...  Change them as needed, creating your own permission name, e.g. teleportication.vip1, and settings (example):

      "VIPSettings": {
        "teleportication.vip1": {
          "VIPDailyLimit": 20.0,
          "VIPCountDown": 5.0,
          "VIPCoolDown": 10.0,
          "VIPAllowBypass": true,
          "VIPBypassAmount": 1.0
        "teleportication.vip2": {
          "VIPDailyLimit": 30.0,
          "VIPCountDown": 3.0,
          "VIPCoolDown": 5.0,
          "VIPAllowBypass": true,
          "VIPBypassAmount": 1.0

The permission name must be "teleportication.YOURCHOICE".



Despite some similarities, the configuration and data files from other teleport plugins are NOT compatible.

Teleportication uses SQLite for home, town, bandit, and outpost storage.  The file is saved in {oxidedata}/Teleportication/teleportication.db.

In-memory objects keep track of previous location for tpb, pending tpr/tpa, etc.  This could change as development progresses.

For Developers


    The hooks below can be used for example as follows:

    private readonly Plugin Teleportication;

    bool success = (bool) Teleportication.CallHook("SetServerTp", "mytarget", Vector3_OBJECT);
    bool success = (bool) Teleportication.CallHook("UnsetServerTp", "mytarget");
    object x = Teleportication.CallHook("GetServerTp");
    object x = Teleportication.CallHook("GetServerTp", "mytarget");
    bool success = (bool) Teleportication.CallHook("ResetServerTp");


bool SetServerTp(string name, Vector3 location) or AddServerTp(string name, Vector3 location);

    Adds a server target using name and location.


bool UnsetServerTp(string name) or RemoveServerTp(name);

    Removes a server target by name other than bandit, outpost, and town.


bool GetServerTp(string name = "");

    Gets either the Vector3 location of a named server target or, if name is not specified, a Dictionary<string, Vector3> object of all server targets, or null if nothing is found by name or at all.


bool ResetServerTp();

    Resets/removes all server targets other than bandit, outpost, and town.



Economics is a pending feature (for bypassing CoolDown, etc.)

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