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About Team Logs & Alerts


  • Send alert on discord if someone authorizes on a code lock that is already at max team size. (For example:  if 3 people authorizes on the same lock on a duo server it will send an alert.)
  • Send alert when someone breaks the team limit.
  • The plugin doesn't check tc authorizations, most of them would be false positives.
  • It will show each player once so your channel won't be flooded with the same messages if a player goes trough the whole base.
  • Shows the codelock's parententity's name.
  • Shows cordinates so admins can teleport there immediately.
  • If the webhook couldn't have been sent to discord it will show a warning in console.
  • This plugin can also show team logs. (team created, player joined, player left, player kicked, team disbanded)
  • You can disable features you don't need.

Setup guide:

  • I suggest you creating 3 new private channels. (One for team logs, one for code lock and for team limit alerts )
  • Create 1 webhook in each of the new channels and paste it in the config file.
  • In the config file you can disable the features you don't need.
  • Set the team limit in the config file.
  • Increase the max team size over the group limit to allow teamers to invite each other into the team. In the server console: maxteamsize [number]    ( default: 8 )
  • Reload plugin

If you want to try the plugin before buying or you have some questions about this plugin feel free to join my discord server. I can also help you to set everything up or add a custom feature for you. https://discord.gg/efVKDG6z6F

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