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About TargetHealthHUD

See your targets health with a nice HUD. With 4 customizable styles, change it up how ever you would like it to be, you can change the texts format, colors, etc!


  • if none of the styles suit you, you can always ask me to make a new one, just give me a rough sketch and I will make it!
  • With an internal whitelist you can choose what entities the HUD will trigger on "shortprefabname"!
  • "ActiveTargetDuration" is the length the HUD will be shown for when you attack a target, the length is reset if you attack a target again!
  • TextFormat {0} = target name, {1} = target current health, {2} = target max health
  • To display a targets display name, aka support for BotSpawn or alike, in the language file change the shortprefabs name into  to ""


  • top detailed
  • top thin
  • hotbar detailed
  • hotbar thin


  • targethealthhud.use


  "ActiveTargetDuration": 60,
  "Style": "top detailed",
  "TextFormat": "{0} {1}/{2} HP",
  "UI General": {
    "PrimaryColor": "0.7058824 0.07843138 0.07843138 1",
    "SecondaryColor": "1 0.1960784 0.1960784 1",
    "TextColor": "1 1 1 1"
  "UI Styles": {
    "Hotbar Detailed": {
      "AnchorMax": "0.6406256 0.1462963",
      "AnchorMin": "0.3437505 0.1185186"
    "Hotbar Thin": {
      "AnchorMax": "0.640625 0.1314815",
      "AnchorMin": "0.34375 0.1203704"
    "Top Detailed": {
      "AnchorMax": "0.6683334 0.9424074",
      "AnchorMin": "0.3297916 0.9127777"
    "Top Thin": {
      "AnchorMax": "0.6683334 0.9312962",
      "AnchorMin": "0.3297916 0.9127777"
  "Whitelist": [


  "bear": "Bear",
  "boar": "Boar",
  "chicken": "Chicken",
  "stag": "Stag",
  "wolf": "Wolf",
  "scarecrow": "Scarecrow",
  "murderer": "Muderer",
  "tunneldweller": "Tunnel Dweller",
  "scientist": "Scientist",
  "heavyscientist": "Heavy Scientist",
  "patrolhelicopter": "Helicopter",
  "bradleyapc": "Bradley",
  "heavyscientistad": "Heavy Scientist",
  "scientist_astar_full_any": "Scientist",
  "scientist_full_any": "Scientist",
  "scientist_full_lr300": "Scientist",
  "scientist_full_mp5": "Scientist",
  "scientist_full_pistol": "Scientist",
  "scientist_full_shotgun": "Scientist",
  "scientist_gunner": "Scientist",
  "scientist_junkpile_pistol": "Scientist",
  "scientistjunkpile": "Scientist",
  "scientistnpc_cargo": "Scientist",
  "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_any": "Scientist",
  "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_lr300": "Scientist",
  "scientistnpc_excavator": "Scientist",
  "scientistnpc_oilrig": "Scientist"


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