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SuperTestgen 1.0.0

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About SuperTestgen

Super Testgen
Allows you to crank up the power coming out of testgens when you have the correct permission and upgrade parts needed.
Power level is retained though server restarts.

How to use:
Look at a test gen and use chat command /overload
Make sure you have the required upgrade parts that are set in the config file. And have the required user permission.
The testgen will make the upgrade sound fx and start to spark.

Calling the chat command again while looking at an overloaded testgen will remove the upgrade for it. And if set in the config refund you the upgrade parts.

SuperTestGen.use          -    Permission required to upgrade testgen to default overload power level.
SuperTestGen.custom    -    Permission required to set custom power levels with in the allowed range.

/overload                         -     Incrases testgen to set overload power level (requires use permission)
/overload x                      -     Incrases testgen to x overload power level (requires custom permission)

Default Config:

  "Power Level : ": 200,
  "Upgrade Parts : ": "techparts",
  "Upgrade Cost : ": 10,
  "Refund Parts : ": true,
  "Max Custom Power Level : ": 9999,
  "Default Power Level : ": 100


Notes: [known issue]
If you restart the server while a player is next to the testgen. When they re-enter the game the spark fx will be missing but they can still hear the sound.
They wll have to leave the render distance then return before the sparks show up again.
You can also fix this by getting.
ParentedEntityRenderFix from umod.
Then adding tesla coil and testgen to its config.

  "EnabledEntities": [

Or FacePunch could fix there code.

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