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About Stations

Play custom mp3 urls over the Voice DLC boomboxes. It will use a hand held boombox if you have it selected as your active item. Other wise it will look to see if your looking towards a deployed boombox.


/station url          - URL needs to be to a web link and is limited to a .mp3 file.
If your url has spaces with in it then you need to encapsulate it within "".
So it would be something like /station "http://url2mp3.com/test with space.mp3"

/yt youtubeurl          (Url needs to be a youtube link and must have a StationServer which can be found on the github of this plugin)

Admin Settings:
/station mp3 set                (toggles between MP3 Requirement on url)
/station cooldown x           (set x as how many seconds for cool down between changing stations)
/station url http                  (set http as the http link to your station server if you want to have youtube2mp3 conversion done on your own server)

StationServer can be found on the github, source code is provided as a windows console app in Program.cs
Its recommended that you check this out and compile it yourself so you fully understand any risks of running a service like this.  

If you dont have any URLs of mp3 files and want to use something off youtube.
Use one of the many youtube 2 mp3 online converting websites.
Then use the download url it gives you.


is one that I have used.
You can see what I mean by watching this.

Players IP addresses are exposed while they are playing something.
Custom URLs could be abused by hammering/ddos a small website thats hosting a mp3 file.
So make sure players with the permission arnt likely to abuse it.

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