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SkinSight 1.2.0


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About SkinSight

You can skin items that are already placed!


  • To be able to use this plugin, the player first must have the permission or be in a group with the permission.
  • You can only skin an object that is whitelisted in the config.
  • Only add an items that are skinable into the whitelist!
  • To be able to change the skin of an object, it must be in the whitelist! And then only if you placed it, or are authorized on the TC, and if you have 'UseTeams' enabled, you can skin items placed by members from your team.
  • It is ideal to stand fully and look at the object directly before skinning, because the raycast ray is positioned to your head!


  • skinsight.use "Command: /skinitem"
  • skinsight.reset "Command: /skinreset"
  • skinsight.info "Command: /getskinid"
  • skinsight.bypass "Allows you to use the commands, bypassing the security checks!"


  • /skinitem skinid
  • /skinreset
  • /getskinid


  "UseTeams": true,
  "Whitelist": [


  "NoInput": "<color=#FF0800>No input was provided!</color>",
  "BadInput": "<color=#FF0800>Bad input!</color>",
  "NotFound": "<color=#FF0800>You are not looking at a valid entity!</color>",
  "Blocked": "<color=#FF0800>You are not allowed to change this items skin!</color>",
  "Whitelist": "<color=#FF0800>Item not whitelisted, If this is a skinable item and is not whitelisted by mistake, contact an admin!</color>",
  "Finished": "<color=#ccff00>The skin has been applied, Please wait for it to load! Load times depend on your internet connection!</color>",
  "SkinResetDone": "<color=#ccff00>The skin has been reset!</color>",
  "SkinResetBlocked": "<color=#FF0800>You are not allowed to reset the skin!</color>",
  "SkinID": "The current skin ID for <color=#ccff00>{0}</color> is <color=#ccff00>{1}</color>"


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