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Save Load Distributor 1.0.0

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About Save Load Distributor

Adds a hook and distribute the save load to avoid lag spikes.

Most developers like to use OnServerSave to perform save too for their plugins creating a lag-spike at save when many plugins use this method. By using OnServerSaved, you avoid save corruption and allow the server to better manage the saving process of each plugins by distributing the load over time.



  • This plugin is not useful alone but can greatly improve server performance when used with other compatible plugins.
  • Useful for plugins that was using OnServerSave.


Configuration File

My plug-ins are designed to adapt to your needs through a rich configuration file.

  "Plug-in Settings": {
    "Initial delay (float)": 3.0,
    "Maximum cumulated delay (float)": 20.0
  "System Settings": {
    "Show optional logged messages in the console (boolean)": true



  • OnServerSaved is called after default Rust server save.
  • This plugin automatically detects plugins using OnServerSaved and will call them one by one at regular interval.
  • You have to use the first `if` in the example below to be detecting by this plugin.
private object OnServerSaved(bool isInitialization) {
    // You have to return true or false at initialization.
    if (isInitialization) {
        return true;

    // Do something.

    return null;


Scalable Designed and Optimized for Performance

The plug-ins are developed with a primary objective to be very performant and scalable, thus limiting plug-ins related performance losses and limited functionalities or upgrades.


About Mælep: https://maelep.be


Warranty and Updates

The customers benefits from a 28-day warranty from the date of the last sell of the plug-in. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates.


Terms of Service of Mælep

The Mælep's plug-ins are in no way affiliated to FacepunchuMod or Codefling. He should not be considered as a developer endorsed by Facepunch, uMod or Codefling.

Any contribution or purchase made on this website is donated to Mælep.

For more information, support or a purchase history, please use the support section available on the page of the plug-in.

Payment to Mælep is payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there is no refund. If you are banned for breaking the rules of Codefling, you will not be refunded. Requests for refunds due to delays, Rust and uMod update flaws or any other problems are submitted at the discretion of Mælep.

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About Us

Codefling is a forward-thinking platform for developers to share and monetize their work from plugins to game assets and everything in-between.

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