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About Rocket Fail

Makes the rocket/grenade launcher explode in the players hands when it breaks. Can also add a chance at a set condition where the launcher can randomly explode.


Settings avaliable in the config "RocketFail.json":
Set min condition for explosion to trigger 5 is recommended point
Set damage for each ammo type.
Set bleed amount.
Enable/disable random explosion,
Set condition point where random explosion can trigger.
Set likelihood for expolosion happening. (Random chance is calculated by picking 2 matching numbers at random with in the scale of 0 to what you set, so a low number like 2 would be a 50% chance where high number like 50 would be a 5% chance.

RocketFail.use   -   (Will only trigger on players with this permission) So use /oxide.grant group default RocketFail.use to apply to every one.


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