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About RoadFinder

Show and list Rust roads, and use road points programmatically


  • /road (Requires roadfinder.use)
    • /road list - List all roads by name, and set temporary markers
    • /road show ROADNAME - Set temporary markers for named road
    • /road {start} ROADNAME - Teleport to the start of the named road in 5 seconds (start is optional)
    • /road end ROADNAME - Teleport to the end of the named road


  1. /road end Road 12 - to teleport to the end of Road 12
  2. /road start Road 10 - to teleport to the start of Road 10
  3. /road Road 11 - to teleport to the start of Road 11
  4. /road 5 to teleport to the start of Road 5
  5. /road end 6 to teleport to the end of Road 6


  • roadfinder.use - Allow use of the road command


  "Options": {
    "ShowAllTextTime": 30.0,
    "ShowOneTextTime": 60.0,
    "ShowOneAllPoints": true
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 5


  •   `ShowAllTextTime` -- How long to display start and end points as debug text (at road points)
  •   `ShowOneTextTime` -- How long to display start, end and road points for a single road via /road show
  •   `ShowOneAllPoints` -- For /road show, display all road points (vs. start and end)

For Developers

The following can be used for example as follows:

private readonly Plugin RoadFinder;

Dictionary<string, Road> roads = RoadFinder?.Call("GetRoads");


List<string> GetRoadNames();

Returns a List of string values containing road names.

Dictionary<string, Road> GetRoads();

Returns the entire road list in a Dictionary. This requires a local version of the following class:

public class Road
  public List<Vector3> points = new List<Vector3>();
  public float width;
  public float offset;
  public int topo;


Road GetRoad(string name);

Returns a single Road object for the named road. Requires class show above.

List<Vector3> GetRoadPoints(string name);

Returns a list of vectors for the entire run of the road. The count will vary based on road length.

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