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About R2C

This plugin simply utilizes the F7 report feature in Rust. Whenever a user or group who has the permission `r2c.report` will then get a message and play an effect if wanted whenever someone reports another user. Although, the reporter isn't shown you can easily edit this. 

    "Color Scheme (Hex Value)": "#d0f0c0",
    "Effect": "assets/prefabs/npc/autoturret/effects/targetacquired.prefab",
    "Effect Enabled": true

This is simply for the 'ideal' usage of getting a report while you have nothing to do or aren't occupied as of then and there. Some of the reports may be false but that's natural. 

Although this isn't hard to make, doesn't send a message to a discord through a embed or anything special, nice and minimal is what you could call this (besides the FX, lol). 

Cool Tip: You can left click the message like a steam profile and go to the user's account who got reported, no need for going to deep and looking into the user! 

P.S. Thanks to those who helped me:

  1. Death - Gave me support in the CodeFling discord (You should join btw!)
  2. Steen, who gave me background knowledge on this aspect.
  3. xDEgg, helped with the player preference value.
  4. Those who gave me support (TF Crazy & Disguise), I am extremely grateful for your help.

Future Addition(s):

  • Additions requested by users*.


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