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About PlaceableRecyclers

This plugin allows you to place and pickup recyclers! It is simple and perfect for your tebex shop, give the players the ability buy a recycler, without having to wait for an admin to place it!

Hit it with a hammer and its in your inventory! Simple as that!


  • If you plan on changing the skin do it before giving anyone a placeable recycler, as it will break the current placed recyclers! "Wont allow them to pick them up"


  • placeablerecyclers.use - Lets you use the command!


  • /giverecycler - Would give you a recycler!
  • /giverecycler [playername] - Would give the player name given a recycler!


  "SkinID": 2245200021


  "Given": "<color=green>A Placeable Recycler has been given to {0}!</color>",
  "Returned": "<color=green>You have picked up the recycler!</color>",
  "PlayerNotFound": "<color=red>Cannot find the player by the given ID or Name {0}!</color>"


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