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Personal Vault Door 1.0.1

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About Personal Vault Door

Allows players to place a usable Vault Door.
Vault Door can be code/key locked.
To pick up door. Remove code/keylock and open vault door. Then hit with hammer.
Vault door can be repaired by hitting it with hammer while its closed after its damage cool down delay.
Repair costs and damage repair cool down can be set in the plugin.
Vault door health can be set in the plugin.
Dont use with Vaultfix.cs plugin since its already included within this.

How to get Vault Door:
As of version 1.0.0 it can only be created with chat command /vaultdoor.craft to users that have permission PersonalVaultDoor.use
or given to a player via rcon or admin console with /vaultdoor.give playername

All settings are with in the plugin.
Default Settings:

//Starting Health of vault door        
public static float VaultMaxHealth = 2000;
//Sec delay between taking damage and being able to fix
public float RepairDelay = 60; //secs
//Repair per hammer hit
public int RepairAmmount = 25; //hp
//Items and quanity needed per repair hit
public Dictionary<string, int> RepairCost = new Dictionary<string, int>
{"scrap", 1},
{"metal.fragments", 100},
{"metal.refined", 10},



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