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Persistant Corpses 1.0.3

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About Persistant Corpses

Stops players corpses despawning unless its health is reduced to 0% from farming or burning it.
Adds into the corpse name what the cause of death was.
Keeps count/score of how many corpses each player has.

PersistantCorpses.clean  =  Allows command /corpse.cleanto remove all player corpses from the map.
PersistantCorpses.count  = Allows command  /corpse.count to show in chat the ammount of player corpses on the map.
PersistantCorpses.view  = Allows command /corpse.view to show on map locations of corpses.
PersistantCorpses.score  = Allows command /corpse.score to show the players with the most corpses on the map.

/corpse.clean args  - Removes corpses, if args is empty removes all else removes on name contains partial.
/corpse.count args - Counts all corpses if args empty, else counts those that contain name partial.
/corpse.view args  - View on screen location of all corpses when args empty else shows partial match.
/corpse.score        - View top 10 players with most corpses on the map. (10 can be changed in settings)

There are a few settings that can be changed with in the plugin.
These are at the top with in the #region Vars

  •         private float RefreshTimer = 6f;   =   How often the on screen admin view is updating.
  •         private int textsize = 22;               =   The size of the font to show on screen admin.
  •         private Color textcolor = Color.red;   =   Colour of font for on screen admin
  •         private bool stripitems = false;       = Remove all items on a corpse to lower memory useage.
  •         private int scorelimit = 10;              = How many of the top corpse players to show in the score.


*Do note on start up you will get some invalid corpse positions warning from the corpses that have been built ontop of or fallen though the map*
This plugin will be memory demanding on high pop servers if you dont run a clean up.
For reference on my server with usually 100-130 players each wipe and peak player counts of 15-30 it ends up with about 1-1.5K corpses which increase the Ram usage by about 800mb.

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