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About MLRSCargo

Spawns a MLRS on the front of the cargo ship.
By default it is ready to be used and setup in remote control mode.
This requires a player to visit it and claim the smoke signal to call the MLRS strike.
NPCs get a 3X health boost around the MLRS making it harder to claim the prize.

Permission: MLRSCargo.admin
Required to use admin commands.
/mlrscargoreset resets the MLRS on cargoships
/mlrscargotest gives a smoke signal


Disabling RemoteMode will return MLRS to needing to be manually controlled.
Settings healthmulti to 1f will return NPCs to normal health.

Settings can be changed within the plugin heres the default:

        //Remote Trigger Only
        public static bool RemoteMode = true; //Must have spawnready enabled also since cant access cockpit

        //Spawns it already loaded with rockets and aiming module
        bool SpawnReady = true;
        //Delay betwen Refill
        int Delay = 600; //seconds (10sec is minimum, 600 default = 10mins)

        //Show announcements in public chat
        public bool PublicAnouncements = true;
        //Steam ID to use profile pic as announcment chat icon
        public string AnnouncementIcon = "76561199219302299";

        //Cargo NPCs health multiplyer
        float healthmulti = 3f;
        //Radius to cast NPC Scan
        float NPCRadius = 50f; //Scan first 1/4 of ship around MLRS
        //Replace Kit
        string Kitname = "";  //("" = No kit change)

        //Play SFX over boombox from remote MLRS grenade
        bool PlaySFX = true;
        //URL to SFX (Must be a raw mp3 file)
        string SFXURL = "https://github.com/bmgjet/RocketFail/blob/main/AirRaid.mp3?raw=true";

        //Position on cargoship moved from dead center
        Vector3 CargoOffset = new Vector3(0f, 9.5f, 76f);

        //Show Debug Info
        bool showDebug = false;



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