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FishtrapController 1.0.3


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About FishtrapController

This plugin lets you control every aspect of a FishTrap! From its percentage of catch to how often it catches! You can make fish traps 2X or 5X!

This plugin is compatible with ContinuousFishTraps!


  • Do not change the name of the fish in the targetWildlife!
  • decayDamageScale: 1 being 100% of the fishtraps health!
  • Weight: is like a percentage of catch, for example you have 60% chance to catch minnows!
  • tickRate: is for how often u want the fishtrap to catch fish!
  • trappedEffectRepeatRate: is how often do u want the effect that a fish has been caught to occur!
  • trapSuccessRate: what chance do u want the fish traps to catch fish on the first try! 1 being 100%
  • Example config to ignore certain bait

      "ignoreBait": [

Configuration: "Note: The default config has the default configuration of a vanilla fish trap"

  "decayDamageMax": 0.1,
  "decayDamageMin": 0.095,
  "enableDecay": true,
  "ignoreBait": [
  "targetWildlife": {
    "fish.minnows": {
      "caloriesForInterest": 11,
      "maxToCatch": 8,
      "minToCatch": 2,
      "weight": 60
    "fish.troutsmall": {
      "caloriesForInterest": 50,
      "maxToCatch": 2,
      "minToCatch": 1,
      "weight": 40
  "tickRate": 180,
  "trappedEffectRepeatRate": 10,
  "trapSuccessRate": 1


  • Custom loot table!
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