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Fire Work Logging 1.0.1

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About Fire Work Logging

Due to lack of use please use https://umod.org/plugins/fireworks-monitor instead


Firework logger is a simple plugin that logs all pattern fireworks sent to a Discord channel of your choosing.


How does it work?

When a player lights a firework a web request gets sent to a api created specifically made for this plugin. This then completes some validation checks, creates a image and then sends a Discord message to the channel you have selected using the Discord bot that must be added to the server.

How do I set it up?

Its a very easy process to setup this plugin.
1. Invite the bot to your discord - https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=923264306143985724&permissions=182272&scope=applications.commands bot
2. Create a channel for your firework logs
3. In the newly created channel type /createfireworklogger - This will register your Discord and provide you with a password. You must be a moderator for this command to work
4. Write this password down as you can not get it again. If you forget your password you can type the command above to get a new one
5. Copy the Guild Id of your discord. This can be done by right clicking your guild icon and clicking copy id. If you can not see the option to copy the id ensure you have Developer Mode enabaled in the discord settings under the advanced tab
6. Install the FireWorkLogger plugin on your server and configure the config to have both your password and guild id. You will also need to put a name for the server you have it installed on. This does not need to match the actual name of your server
7. Reload the plugin and light up a firework with a pattern in it. Give it a few seconds and you should see your image appear in your discord.



GuildId -> Guild Id of your Discord
Password -> Password provided by the bot
ServerName -> Name of the server to be sent in message to help identify where the firework came from

Cost $

In order for this bot to work, I have to host a Web Api as well as a Discord Bot 24/7. These cost money to run and so I can not guarantee they will be running forever. As a way to help cover the cost of the bot occasionally, the bot may send you an advert in the channel. If you are not happy with getting ads please don't use me!

If you really really like the plugin then please consider buying me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mrcameron999 so I can keep the bot and API running!


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