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About Exclusion

Exclusion is a whitelist based plugin with a set of commands and can be enabled/disabled through the config file.

  • This plugin is also not obfuscated so you can learn from it and add to it on your own or suggest it through the support discord or towards Ujiou.
  • Exclusion was developed in 5-6 hours by Ujiou after thoughtful planning on how they wanted to implement the plugin itself.
  • Restart the server when using this plugin so users can't join.


Exclusion | Version :

  • This version of exclusion is running on 1.0.0.


Exclusion | Permissions

- exclusion.use // Lets users add, remove, count
- exclusion.admin // Lets users clear the data file through /elist reset


Exclusion | Commands :

Command Aliases (alias):

Command Usages:
/alias add SteamID64
/alias rem SteamID64
/alias count
/alias reset


Exclusion | Data : 

  • If a user is set to true, when they're connecting it won't kick them, whereas if the value is false, it'll kick them. 
  • Note: These IDs aren't in the data file but shown as an example. 
  "76561198995214432": true
  "76561198030676872": false


Exclusion | Config :

    "SETTINGS": {
    "Plugin Enabled": false,
    "Message Icon": 76561199108867044 
    "Kick Message": "ERROR > Whitelist_Enabled"


Exclusion | Showcase :

  • Currently not available. I would be glad to post your YT here if you want to review this plugin.


Exclusion | Support :

  • Discord Server: CGT
  • Personal Discord: Ujiou#0001 

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