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Downed 1.0.3

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About Downed

Extends the wounded system of rust. Gives a option to get back up or respawn with buttons.
The config file has settings that you can change for:
Time before respawn CUI is shown.
Time that your incapacitated for while reviving.
Time it takes before normal wounded system takes over.

By default, The player is always downed instead of instant death.
Then 10 seconds latter it will give them the option to get up to respawn.
If they click "get up" there player will fall onto there back incapacitated for 20 seconds then get back up.
If the player does nothing for 120 secs then the normal rust wounded system will take over.

It can also apply wounded system to NPC bots. You can knock them down and loot them.
There are settings in the config for disabling this, Setting how long before bots get up and what chance they have of dying instead of getting back up.

Admin Chat Commands:

/playerdown playername      -   Makes that player fall down wounded.
/playerup playername      -   Instantly gets that player back up.

Config File:

"Delay before showing getup CUI: ": 10,
"Countdown for getting back up: ": 20,
"Bleedout timer: ": 120,
"Allow NPCs to be knocked down: ": true,
"How long before NPC gets back up: ": 20,
"Percentage for NPC to bleedout: ": 50,
"Only NPCs get knocked: ": false,
"Block NPC Looting: ": false,
"Ignore Scarecrow: ": false,
"Ignore Murderer: ": false,
"NPC Dont Shoot Downed: ": false,
"SFX On Downed (Delete link to disable): ": [
"SFX PlayTime: ": 10.0,
"SFX Allow on NPC: ": false,
"SFX Allow on PLAYER: ": false

If using a custom SFX on downing it will need to link to a raw mp3 stream. Github does it. Other hosts like Dropbox wont work.
Do note that the rust client has a limit of 4 boom boxes playing at same time with in 400f. And that the same mp3 stream can only be played on 3 boomboxes at a time so your recommended to have atelast 2 links in the array so it can load balance it a little bit.

Usage Video:
The screaming is not part of this plugin its a seperate one.

As of writing this both RaidableBases and BotSpawn plugins will still attack the player while the NPCs are downed.
I have been in contact with the creators of both those plugins and they will be putting the checks in place to stop downed NPCs from those plugins attacking you.
Normal NPCs wont attack you since when they are downed there guns are put in a unloaded loop until they get back up.

If you wish to fix this behavour yourself before they have updated there plugins heres the fixes.
Its just adding a IsWounded check.

--------------------- Should not be needed any more, As of now both these plugins have been updated to already include the needed code ----------------------
--------------------- Ill leave these instructions up for people that are using older versions ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Find "private object OnNpcTarget(NPCPlayerApex npc, BaseEntity entity)"
Change to:

        private object OnNpcTarget(NPCPlayerApex npc, BaseEntity entity)
            return entity != null && npc != null && entity.IsNpc && npc.IsWounded() && RaidableBase.Has(npc.userID) ? true : (object)null;

Find "object OnNpcTarget(NPCPlayerApex npcPlayer, BaseEntity entity)"
Add above "bool attackerIsMine = NPCPlayers.ContainsKey(npcPlayer.userID);"

            if (npcPlayer.IsWounded() || npcPlayer.IsIncapacitated())
                return true;


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