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About Discord Nitro Checker


  • Supports multiple game servers. (the first option in the config file has to be true on one server, on all the other servers it has to be false)
  • When someone boosts your discord server they will receive a message from the bot. It will tell them how they can verify.
  • After they've used !verify <their steamid64> and the bot has verified that they have indeed boosted the server they will be added to a specific oxide group (can be set in config) and a data file.
  • When their server boosting is over or they have left the discord group they will be removed from the oxide group.
  • I've recently added that the bot sends better looking embed messages instead of normal ones. (its content can be modified in the config file)
  • You can use !test if you have set your discord id in the config file. The bot will send you all the embed messages that were set in the config.


  • !verify <steamid> (To claim rewards)
  • !add <discordid> <steamid> (Add a user, if has enter the wrong steamid, the rewards will be removed, as well when his boosting expires)
  • !test (It shows all the embed messages that players are going to see, so you can verify they are looking how you want them)

The last two commands require you to enter your discord id in the config file. Noone else is going to be able to use these.

Setup guide:

  • Add Oxide.Ext.Discord.dll to yourserver/RustDedicated_Data/Managed https://umod.org/extensions/discord
  • Go to https://discord.com/developers/applications and create a new application.
  • Choose your desired picture and name for the bot.
  • Go to the bot section and click add bot. Copy the bot token and add it to the config file.
  • Very important! Turn on all the privileged gateway intents.
  • Go to the OAuth2 tab and click on bot. From the permission you have to select Manage Roles.
  • Copy the link that is between scopes and permission and invite your bot to your discord server.
  • You need to enable developer mode in discord which can be found in the advanced tab of the settings.
  • Copy your discord server's id (right click on the server and copy id) and paste it in the config file.
  • Copy your discord id (right click on your name or picture and copy id) and paste it in the config file.
  • Edit the config the discord bot's status.
  • Edit lang file.

If you want to try the plugin before buying or you have some questions about this plugin feel free to join my discord server. I can also help you to set everything up or add a custom feature for you. https://discord.gg/7SwN28bnyc


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