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If you already have Discord Auth or Discord Core, the users don't have to use the !verify command. The oxide group will be granted automatically after they boosted your discord server.

If they boosted your server before installing this plugin, and their accounts were already linked, they will have to re-link their accounts with Discord Auth or Discord Core.

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About Discord Nitro Boosts

Discord Nitro Boosts allow server owners to give rewards to people for boosting their discord server.  
The plugin can be used either with a linking system such as DiscordAuth or DiscordCore but it can also be used without one.  
When using a linking system rewards are granted when they link their accounts.  
However if you are not using any of the available linking systems you can still use the plugin.  
This way the users have to use a command to link their profiles manually.  

The command is: **!verify [steamid]**  
The command can be used in the bot's direct message or in a specific guild channel. (Can be set in config)

Default config:

  "Bot token": "",
  "Set custom status and activity for the discord bot": true,
  "Bot's activity type: (Game, Listening, Watching, Competing)": "Watching",
  "Bot's Status": "Nitro Boosters",
  "Send direct message to boosters on boost start and end": false,
  "Embed's color": "#F47FFF",
  "Use with existing linking system (DiscordAuth or DiscordCore)": true,
  "Check users if they are boosting after every wipe.": false,
  "Let users use !verify in DM": false,
  "Let users use !verify in guild channel": true,
  "ChannelID where players can use !verify (if the previous option is true, leave empty for any channel)": "",
  "Oxide group's name": "nitro",
  "Discord Guild ID (optional if the bot is in one guild)": ""

Discord Bot
You can find the instructions on making a discord bot HERE 
Warning it is very important to turn on discord gateway intents, otherwise the bot will not work.

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