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This plugin is only for Carbon. Upgrade your server to Carbon today by visiting the following link: 


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About Death Groups


Death groups is a lightweight Carbon plugin that assigns a user based on the number of deaths they have had. It also removes a player from a group if they get a kill. (i.e. A player has 2 deaths and has the noob group assigned. The player gets a kill, and they then go to the amateur group because his/her death count has decreased by 1) This is totally customizable in the JSON config, and will auto create the groups for you if they don't already exist. If you want a title to be added to the group I would suggest using the BetterChat plugin and defining the title and color for the title in the data/BeterChat.json file.

Example Config:

  "Death Groups": {
    "default": 0,
    "amateur": 1,
    "noob": 2
  "Enable Debug?": false


deathgroups.reset <steamID> - Resets a players death count to 0


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