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Thanks for your interest in my plugin!

If you have any questions or issues with the plugin, please contact me.
For support related questions, please create a thread in the Support Section or send a direct message to my profile @MeventSupport.


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Thang Duong

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Before you buy! It's a great concept, cool looking UI with all the abilities of other Clans plugin, But:

The Clan avatar changer not working properly and can only be changed by admin.

TAG color changer also not working, you can put other color codes in it, but it won't change anything, your clan tag still remains the same color as your name color.

It is a bit disappointed for me when two of the core features are not working properly, although this plugin is quite expensive.
Still waiting for the fixes from the dev. It would be a lot better experience if it works.

Had to remake the review after more than two weeks buying it. Slowest respond time ever.
Doesn't seem like the owner of the plugin have any interest in fixing the "not working features". I contacted him right after the purchase when I realized the problem with the plugin, but he was on vacation. Then I patiently waited until he came back, he promised me he will get on working the problems as soon as possible, but it been taking too long now (more than two weeks). I've never experience something like this with other developers.
I feel like he doesn't respect his customers at all.

Two stars is for the cool looking concept, not for customer service since there is none.

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Farmer Elias

· Edited by Mals

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A Masterpiece of a Clan Plugin. Beautiful GUI, easy to understand for every Player. I really like the Top Clan/Players and the Player List Tab. It is great for PVE and PVP Server.

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An amazing plugin, Beautiful interface, feature filled system, and quick support from the developer, 10/10 would recommend.

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Friendly Factions

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Good and useful plugin, the clan skin option makes life easy.
This is a must have clan plugin, the author of the plugin is active and listens to user inputs.

Makes life easier with the GUI when it comes to clans, allowing you to create a clan, view other clans, and see player statistics, making the process of inviting members to your clan an easy task.

Very useful when you really want to know who you are about to invite to your clan, by looking at their stats.
And having the ability to do everything with the click of a button without chat commands is an other great feature.
The other cool thing is that you have great control over the plugin when it comes to configuration, and on top of that its easy to set it up.

In my opinion this is the best clan plugin out there.

Overall a plugin made with love on every code line!

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Hoss the Farmer

· Edited by Mals

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Awesome work from Mevent, as usual! Cleanest clan plugin I've found. Highly recommend any of his other plugins. 

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I can't wait until the SQL support for this plugin comes out! It'll make displaying clans on a website so awesome! This plugin is a must have!

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· Edited by Mals

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This plugin is all that I was looking for:

  • Easy clan creation and management.
  • Show the top clan and players.
  • Access to the data through a SQL database if specified.

Actually the main reason I bought this plugin is due to the last thing, I'm building the website from my server, and it is really helpful to show this type of data to build a scoreboard.

Many shout-outs to Mevent!

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dan owen

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Good plug-in. my community loves it! they are asking for my options for skins in the skin part though as not everybody wears full kit or uses ak, they are asking for different guns, etc like m249 and LR 

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Great plugin! I love the UI, and I have purchased most of Mevent's plugins at this point. I really like having the cohesion of design that his plugins bring to my server.


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· Edited by Hyper

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I see the author still working hard on the plugin and it came to my attention that it deserves to be upgraded to 4 stars review. 

Some off points might have been fixed check the update logs.


UI is great, some small bugs here and there, could use some fixes thats why 3 stars.

The Skinbox section for clans is really cool but it needs some rework especially people cant unforce the clan skinbox and adding custom skins doesn't seem to work for me ingame (only through config)


Could use some bug fixes.

- UI typing isn't really optimised 

- If you invite someone to the team they can join without joining the clan, this is a cool option but it sends out also clan invite.

- Inviting players is hard when typing in names it doesn't really function as it should, like when you search them it doesn't do exactly what you type in.

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So I just bought the Clans plugin and messed around with the many configurations the plugin has to offer. Setup was simple. In fact the only thing that really needed to be changed was the clan size. 

Again Mevent is really well known for having a clean UI. 

and a Bonus for those of you who have the DynamicCupShare plugin made by k1lly0u. that plugin also works with this plugin. 

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Good plugin

One issue is a over lap on the text box. Would be nice if that can be fixed



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10/10 would buy this. This is a perfect alternative way then the free clan system on umod. This is worth every single penny i spend. 

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