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About BCargo

Blocks Cargoship from leaving while it is within a blocked area. Allows to set a static spawn position for the cargo to stop it running though islands on its way into the nearest path node or to have it come down a river Add support for auto leveling of cargo when using tides plugin to stop it sinking below water level or flying in the air.

How to use:
Join your server and add some blocking nodes.
This is done by typing /bcargo add
It will add a blocking node where your player currently is and with a radius thats been set by LeaveBlockDistance value (default is 120)

You can remove blocking nodes with the command /bcargo remove 0
That will remove the last node placed. Using a number of the node instead of 0 will remove the selected node.

You can view the cargos default path by typing /bcargo view
This will show default path nodes as blue and your blocking nodes as red.


To set a static spawn location for cargo incase you lots of islands on the outside of cargoships path or you want it to come down a river first.
Go to that location as a player with the BCargo.admin permission. Then type /bcargo spawn and it will set that as its static spawn location.
You can enable/disable use of this manual spawn spots with the command /bcargo spawn on or /bcargo spawn off

If you are using the tides plugin you will have the issue of the cargoship stays at the same height as when it spawned. This means it will sink under water if it spawned at low tide. Or fly in the air if it spawned at high tide.
Enabling this function will allow it to auto reheight as its traveling its path.
( "Enable auto leveling for tides plugin : "true,)

Once you are happy with the node path you have set out for blocking use the command
/bcargo save
to save all changes you have made.

Other wise you can use /bcargo reload to load the last saved changes.

To help in debugging your path there is the command
/bcargo blocked
This will simply return in chat true or false for if cargo would be blocked while in this area.

And if you want debug info printed to your servers console/log file you can enable the debug info with.
/bcargo debug on
/bcargo debug off

All this info is repeated in game with the command
/bcargo help

Permissions: (Needed for chat commands)

Upgrade note:
Go into \oxide\config and delete BCargo.json

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