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About BanditsJackpot

Win the lost scrap from Bandit Camp!

This plugin is not being maintained anymore, it is sold as is! I do have plans to rework it but not any time soon!


  • banditsjackpot.enter - Enters the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.draw - Draw the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.set - Set the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.add - Add to the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.remove - Remove from the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.reset - Resets the jackpot
  • banditsjackpot.clear - Clears the jackpots entries


  • /jackpot enter - Enters the jackpot
  • /jackpot draw - Draw the jackpot
  • /jackpot set - Set the jackpot
  • /jackpot add - Add to the jackpot
  • /jackpot remove - Remove from the jackpot
  • /jackpot reset - Resets the jackpot
  • /jackpot clear - Clears the jackpots entries


  "AnnounceInChat": true,
  "AnnounceTime": 600,
  "ChatPrefix": "[Jackpot]: ",
  "JackpotAnnounceThreshold": 1,
  "JackpotTime": 3600


  "Announcement": "Join the jackpot to win {0} scrap from those that lost it from bandit camp! Type /jackpot enter to enter the jackpot!",
  "JackpotWinner": "Congratulations {0} won the jackpot of {1} scrap!",
  "JackpotEntry": "You have entered the jackpot of {0} scrap!",
  "JackpotDuplicateEntry": "You are already in this jackpot!",
  "JackpotNoEntries": "Nobody entered the jackpot so nobody won!",
  "JackpotNoPrize": "I guess its a good thing but no scrap was lost, so no reward!",
  "JackpotReset": "The jackpot has been reset!",
  "JackpotClear": "The entries has been cleared!",
  "Denied": "You do not have access to that command!",
  "Jackpot": "{0} Scrap!",
  "JackpotSet": "The jackpot has been set to {0}!",
  "JackpotAdd": "{0} has been added to the jackpot!",
  "JackpotRemove": "{0} has been removed from the jackpot!"


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