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Rusty Gulch Town 1.1


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About Rusty Gulch Town

Rusty Gulch is a western themed town. There are many amenities within Rusty Gulch to fit your cowboy needs. There is a Saloon, Hotel, General Store, Jail, Bank, and a Post Office.  

  • The Hotel has 2 green keycard puzzles
  • The Bank has 1 Blue keycard puzzle
  • 4 vending machines at the General Store
  • Research Table at the Post Office
  • Repair Bench at the Saloon

I provided two versions. One prefab has the custom font, the other has standard incase of performance issues. Photos show both versions.

Rusty Gulch w/Standard Font: 2409 prefab count

Rusty Gulch W/Custom Font: 5678 prefab count (I haven't had any performance issues from font count (3278).

I have included the western font prefabs along with both monument versions (in case you want to rename the town or create an Ouija board....)



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