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About SkinChanger

Allows players to change item skins on command, with permission.



  • Craft to change skin
  • Save Player Skin data







  "Prefix": "<color=#00ffff>[ SkinChanger ]</color> - ",
  "Default Language Settings": "en",
  "Command Settings": "sc"


  "Descriptions": "{0}\n/{1} skinid\n(Changed Skin.[ALL])\n/{1} skinid 0~5\n(Change the skin to position 0 on the belt.[Cloth Only])",
  "Active_Change": "{1} - {2} Skin changed to {0}",
  "Belt_Change": "Belt {1} postion {2} item changed to {0} skin",
  "Permission": "<color=red>Not permission.</color>",
  "Error": "Please enter the correct unique number",
  "Lang": "The default language has been changed to {0}."


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