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DiscordLogger Add Ability to Output to Multiple Discord Webhooks


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I've modified my DiscordLogger file already, hence the reason why I'm posting this request here instead of on uMod's website specifically. If someone could help me add the ability to output the Discord message to multiple webhooks for each event, that would be awesome. Basically I want to turn this part of the config JSON file from this:

"Private Messages settings": {
    "WebhookURL": "",
    "Enabled?": true

To something like this:

"Private Messages settings": {
    "WebhookURL": [
    "Enabled?": true

Once that event happens, it sends the message to the webhooks in the list.

I've tried messing around with the C# list, and I was able to convert the JSONProperty from the single string to the array, however I kept getting errors relating to conversion? It was interesting... I'm not very good at C#, so if anyone would help that would be awesome!

Attached is my modified DiscordLogger.cs file.


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