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Ruster.Addons Documentation

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Only override the fields you'd like to be overridden, so if you'd like to only update the avatar of an user, do:

{ "AvatarUrl": avatarUrl }



   "Id": int,
   "AvatarUrl": string,
   "TimezoneOffset": double,
   "CurrentDisplayName": string,
   "CustomDisplayName": string,
   "Wallet": int,
   "IsBot": bool,
   "Friends": [ ulong ],
   "Blocked": [ ulong ],
      "Language": string,
      "PinAudioPlayer": bool,
      "PushNotifications": bool,
      "RustPlusNotifications": bool,
      "DMNotifications": bool


Feed types:

  • 0 = None
  • 1 = User
  • 2 = Community
  • 3 = Post
  • 4 = Shop
   "Id": ulong,
   "Title": string,
   "BackgroundUrl": string,
   "AllowAdverts": bool,
   "FeedType": int,
   "CanFilter": bool,
   "ShowHashtags": bool

I highly recommend you use `post.Publish` to publish a post to a feed, as the ID handling's safely being done.


Filter types:

  • 0 = Content
  • 1 = ItemShortname
  • 2 = ItemName
   "Id": int,
   "UserId": ulong,
   "Ticks": long,
   "Content": string,
   "PhotoUrl": string,
   "PhotoTag": string,
   "CassetteId": uint,
   "CassetteTitle": string,
   "Advert": [ "DurationHours": float ],
      "CustomName": string,
      "Shortname": string,
      "Skin": ulong,
      "Text": string,
      "Amount": int,
      "AmountLeft": int,
      "Price": int,
      "SubEntityId": uint,
      "IsPurchased": bool,
      "WholeStack": bool
      "Name": string,
      "Position": [ "X": float, "Y": float, "Z": float ]
   "Likes": [ ulong ],
   "Dislikes": [ ulong ],
      "Instances": int,
      "Filter": string,
      "FilterType": int
   }, {
      "Instances": int,
      "Filter": string,
      "FilterType": int


Conversation types:

  • 0 = None
  • 1 = Team
   "Id": int,
   "ConversationType": int,
   "CanDelete": bool,
   "Users": [ ulong ],
   "ViewerList": [ ulong ]


Direct Message
Status types:

  • 0 = Sent
  • 1 = Read
   "Id": int,
   "SenderId": ulong,
   "Message": string,
   "Reaction": string,
   "Ticks": long,
   "Status": int,
   "IsSystemMessage": bool,
   "PhotographUrl": string,
   "CassetteId": uint


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