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[Paid] Custom map for roleplay server


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Cheers guys!

I am Fabian, currently the project manager of a custom Rust experience for a lot of people. Our roleplay mod is heavily based on Arma3 Altis Life/Arma Life (if someone remembers them!) and is based around human interaction, farming, economy and gang/police fights. The server does not have your usual rust features such as crafting and building, but aims to give player some new opportunity within that game.

As some previous mapdesigners have either not responded anymore or simply ghosted us after a time, I am now searching for someone new to help bring our plugins and development to life. We do currently have 2 additional people working on custom prefabs and locations, which means that the map designer would only have to take care of the "overall map design", placement, structure, road design and probably a single bridge. Rest is handeled by our guys!

I have attached a small blueprint of how the map should look overall and I'm happy to get in contact with someone who has some time left and wants to work on something amazing. Our most important factor is indeed performance, which is why all of our prefabs are custom made and highly optimized for the roleplay scenario.

In case you are interested shoot me a message or catch me on Discord Astinox#0428, would definitely love to talk to you!



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Just a few questions...

How big is the map ? Do you have the map and terrain already made ?

What type of existing prefabs do you have made that need to placed ?

What level of experience do your other builders have ?

What is your budget for this map help ?




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Hey knock!

Thanks for your questions, but we already found a guy taking on the project! Dunno if I can close this thread but if possible this can be closed.


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