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[Meta] Posting a Better Request In This Section


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Guys, lets have a chat.

Sometimes when I'm scrolling through the requests, I see titles that are extremely non-descriptive. Examples are:

Looking For Developer
Heres a crazy idea
Plugin concept request
I need a plugin

Be descriptive! Most developers or providers will skip right over your post if the title isn't informative. If you don't take the time to at least tell us what you need done, then why should a developer take time to help you?

Also to note, if you're looking for a plugin and you want it to be private/exclusive, and you don't want to put exactly what your plugin will do, thats cool. But say that. A good title for this would be "Looking for Private Plugin to be made".

Lets also talk about post tags. If you're willing to pay for whatever you're requesting, put that in the title! Also add a tag to the post as well. This will help the filter and search be able to identify your post a bit more easily, and will be a great way to get your plugin/map/request fulfilled faster. I personally put square brackets "[]" around the tags such as this post here that has a [Meta] tag added in the front of the title.

These are some simple ways to get your request fulfilled faster, and a way for providers to identify what you need quicker.

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No, but seriously, I get what you want, but you won't get it. People don't want to give out too much info if they are looking for a private plugin, and if a dev looking to make some cash just scrolls past, then that dev is gonna lose out to the one who messages anyway despite vagueness. If a dev's too lazy to contact me, then why would I hire him? If I post a stupid/crazy plugin idea and someone makes it and publishes it on CodeFling, I buy it. If I want a private plugin, I talk to devs directly, and sure as shite won't post it on a forum.

as for tags, good idea. Now come up with a way to make this herd of cats actually do it. Good Luck.

TLDR : Order would be nice, and so would world peace, but both are against human nature, so probably not gonna happen.


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