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Provides a GUI to manage your HumanNPC NPCs.


You do not need to be near your NPCs to use the plugin.  Simply enter npcgui in console or /npcgui in chat to open the initial screen.

Click "Select" to choose an NPC.  NPCs which are part of an NPC Music Player band are shown in green, and all others are listed in blue.

Click the kit name button next to "kit" to select kits from the Kits plugin.

Click any of the blue buttons to toggle the associated setting.

Type new data into any of the number fields and press ENTER to update that setting.

You may also enter the spawn location directly as (X, Y, Z) and press ENTER to change.  Or, click "Spawn Here" to move the NPC to your current location.

Click "Create New" to create a new NPC.


There is currently no configuration required for Human NPC GUI.


  • `humannpcgui.use` -- Allows player to use the GUI

Chat Commands

  • `/npcgui` - Open the GUI

Console Commands

  • `npcgui` - Open the GUI




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