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Something Unstable In this prefab

Closed 1.0.0 Next Version

Not sure what part of it. But when ever I place this prefab down it currupts the water terain map.
Can reproduce by simply.
Open map. Select all prefabs and create a selection and save it.
Open map that you want to use it. Place down prefab. Click break save map. Then place the inner tube floating ring in the ocean while its up on a server and watch it spaz out.
Seems like its multiplying the boyancy value on all floating items.

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Hi Gecse,

Thanks for pointing this out to me, I have checked and this is indeed the issue on the map with just this prefab. I have also noticed on a map with no terrain that the tube just sinks to the bottom without the launchsite prefab. I will continue testing on the V-2 version of this map and see if I can understand what is happening.

Thanks and regards


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