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[Request] Add support for CustomLoot by Steen

Closed 2.2.0

I'd like to have the NPC to have the loot table from Custom Loot. So, sort of like how NPC's have the use this kit config value, i want the npc to use Custom Loot data table thats defined by that plugin.

To be honest I don't know what a custom meadow table is.

As it is right now I use BotReSpawn and have created a few "Boss" fight profiles in botrespawn that have a custom loot table that drops better gear for that profile. I kind of want to be able to do the same thing where some of the NPC's in the convoy drop better loot then others, but since I already have the profile set up and an editor coded that allows me to set up Custom Loot tables easier, I figured it would be a good addition to the plugin.

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