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XPerience 1.7.1

Work in Progress 1.7.1

1. It is not possible to change the style of the plugin, or rather redesign the design, everything is done there together!

2. When leveling, there is a way to trick the system by taking a knife or whatever and hitting wood with stone, and getting a lot of experience from one stone.

3. Conflict with the non-breaking plugin, if the person has this function activated, but XPerience will still break your things

4. The problem with the settings is more extraction of ore wood, you can not put 1.5, the minimum goes from 2. and higher! That is, 10% 20% 30% and so on 5% cannot be put!

5. And the problem with the speedometer, when a person leaves the transport, sometimes the speedometer remains and floods the error console!


It's hard to remember all the shortcomings of the plugin, but there are a lot of them!

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1. Not sure what you mean about changing the design of the xperience..


2. The XP given is based on hits to a resource not the amount of resources given. This was intentional as its awarding you based on time spent gathering so the longer your willing to spend hitting a resource the more xp you gain. Also it couldn't go by amount due to the amount being changed by skills.


3. Conflicts with other mods are common and as much as I try to add support for other mods it sometimes requires the developer of these mods to add support for xperience. I would need to know the specific mod to know if support can be added.


4. Settings are current done by whole numbers and 10% is the min per skill level. This is also intentional as to prevent decimal values from being used for resource values. Note that 10% is very minimal amount when using vanilla setting for rust. If your trying to use a resource multiplier from vanilla then you must understand the effects it has with any mod that tries to increase the amount further.


5. The ui for the speedometer is known for some players. This can be disabled in the admin panel and player profiles until a fix it done.


For help with setting up XPerience your welcome to check out the XPerience website at https://www.rustlevels.com/XPerience/ as well as our discord where many other members can help resolve any issues you have http://discord.rustlevels.com/

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Changing the interface to a more pleasant one, now it looks like a hit and miss done, I would like to change the interface of the window / xp in the future, you know?


Regarding the 2nd point, a person took a bone hammer, and instead of 2 levels made 10 levels from one stone at once, this is formally a bug, this is formally not normal. You need to use those items that are available for this resource. You say that this is done on purpose, but in fact it is done just awful, and the players use these things, that is, instead of developing like everyone else, they use an easier option!


3. its plugins IQBreakingTools. Well be you need plugins i send you PM this plugins


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The current interface isn't something that can be changed in a simple way. This would require a complete rewrite for the UI code in which was debated for the next XPerience mod but not the current one. 


I can possibly look into restricting certain tools for XP based on the resource being gathered. This will take some time to implement if so but will see what can be done.


 I will also look into the IQBreakingTools mod to see if some type of compatibility can be added.

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I have this problem now, but before i have this



updatenetworkgroup: missing parent entity 7476788

But I took and installed this plugin DebugMissingParentEntity.cs

and deleted updatenetworkgroup: missing parent entity 7476788 and after that the error started to fly


But this error also flooded my console: updatenetworkgroup: missing parent entity 7476788


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There are several beta versions in our discord that could possibly fix the fuel hook issue your having. 


as for the 

updatenetworkgroup: missing parent entity 7476788


that is not an error with the xperience plugin. the parent entity is something on your sever being spawned or used that is missing using the network ID listed.


Please note that I handle most support issues within our discord more quickly and you may find related common discussions in our support channels that could resolve some issues or help you. 

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