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Bradley Drops 1.0.15

Closed 1.0.15 1.0.16

Hey. We have problem whit cooldown.


1. If you drop the tank, and an error occurs, any, let's say it's very close, then you trigger a cooldown. You can't quit after a mistake!


2. The countdown stands still, it constantly writes to me 1800 seconds, it doesn’t even decrease!


3. You can make it so that minutes and seconds are shown!

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LayerMask layerMask = LayerMask.GetMask("Construction", "Tree", "World", ""Deployed");

If you don’t remove World, you won’t be able to call a tank anywhere, so I removed it, and everything became normal!

LayerMask layerMask = LayerMask.GetMask("Construction", "Tree", "Deployed");

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1. Hmmm, I will look into this and fix it, it shouldn't work like that but I will check it and fix.

2. The countdown decreases, but it currently doesn't give the time, it just says how long the cooldown is in total. But the countdown is going down.

3. I will look into this.


The layermask and the world layer doesn't work like you think. If you remove it you will be having issues with Bradley being called on top of things again, such as powerline_pole, which is one of the things you asked me to stop people calling near. What problems were you having throwing it with World layer in?

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With this layer of World, I threw anywhere, in the open world, it was written to me that it was impossible, even a flat clearing I found, I also could not throw.

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In my own test server it works perfectly, are there any objects at all nearby? What have you set in "Patrol radius" in the config?

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The config looks fine, try the new version and see if you still get issues. If you are throwing the signal away from all structures, deployables, ore nodes, cliffs and rocks etc, then it should work fine. Working flawlessly on my test server and other live servers, and others.

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