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Change time?

Closed 1.1.2



is there a way to change when the lights turn on or off?

It is already quite dark when they turn on and they turn off a little bit to early.

Thank you!



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Hi !

This is possible to be implemented but it will have a performance cost vs the current method.
Currently the sky dome management class will fire two events, one at Sunrise and another one at Sunset making it very efficient to just listen for those events and then control the status of all the lights on the server accordingly. The three twilight types are civil, nautical and astronomical twilight, I guess sky dome is implementing the astronomical twilight which is the "true night".

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So it's not based on a set time, sad. Performance is not a problem for us I think, it's just a small server with only a hand full of players. It would be so nice to be able to change this, maybe with a warning in the config that if you change it, it can cause performance problems? But nevermind, if it's to much work, I'll take it as it is. THX anyway 🙂

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