smallwaterbottle object is empty

Pending 1.0.4

When setting

      "smallwaterbottle": {
        "probability": 21,
        "maxStack": 1,
        "minStack": 1,
        "blueprintChancePercent": 0,
        "skins": []

I do get a Small Water Bottle in the foodbox, however it is empty.

I suspect the object to inject is more complex and need to provide the quantity of liquid that is to be put inside.

Found this info the the Oxide forum if it helps...

private Item BuildItem(int itemid, int amount, ulong skin) { if (amount < 1) amount = 1; Item item = ItemManager.CreateByItemID(itemid, amount, skin); if (itemid == 927253046) // water bottle item.contents.AddItem(ItemManager.FindItemDefinition(112903447), 250); if (itemid == 547302405) // water jug item.contents.AddItem(ItemManager.FindItemDefinition(112903447), 500); return item; }

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Thanks for the info. I've actually added this to CustomLoot already so it'll be in the next update.
I've added a config option per container type for water fill percentage.

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