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About MyMiniCopter

A simple plugin to spawn a mini copter for yourself. Limits to one mini copter per player with optional cooldown (using permission).


  • myminicopter.spawn -- Allows player to spawn a mini copter (/mymini)
  • myminicopter.fetch -- Allows player to use /gmini retrieve their mini copter
  • myminicopter.where -- Allows player to use /wmini to locate their mini copter (NEW!)
  • myminicopter.admin -- Allows an admin to run console commands (may change)
  • myminicopter.cooldown -- Adds a cooldown to player
  • myminicopter.unlimited -- Player can fly without fuel usage (will need to add at least 1 LGF unless "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank" is set to false)

Chat Commands

  • /mymini -- Spawn a mini copter
  • /nomini -- Despawn mini copter
  • /wmini -- Find mini copter
  • /gmini -- Get/fetch mini copter

Console Commands

  • spawnminicopter <player ID>
  • killminicopter <player ID>

For Developers

  • (void) SpawnMyMinicopter (BasePlayer player) (void) KillMyMinicopterPlease (BasePlayer player) no return value;


  "Chat Settings":
    "Prefix": "[My MiniCopter] :"
  "Cooldown (on permission)":
    "Use Cooldown": true,
    "Value in minutes": "60"
    "Allow spawn when building blocked": false,
    "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank": false,
    "Allow driver dismount while flying": true,
    "Allow passenger dismount while flying": true,
    "Destroy copter on player sleep": false,
    "Standard fuel consumption per second": 0.25
  "Maximum height for dismount": {
    "Value in meters": "7"
  "Minimum Distance for /gmini":
    "Value in meters": "0"
  "Minimum Distance for /nomini":
    "Value in meters": "0"


  • "Allow spawn when building blocked": set to true to allow player to use /mymini while building blocked
  • "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank": If the player has the unlimited permissions, they will not be able to use the fuel tank if this is set. 1LGF is added so the copter will start.
  • "Destroy copter on player sleep": If this is true, the player's copter will be destroyed when they disconnect. It should check that no one is mounted to the copter.
  • "Standard fuel consumption per second": How much fuel does the copter use (assuming player does NOT have the unlimited permission). 0.25/S is the default.

Set "Value in meters" for gmini or nomini to 0 to disable the requirement (default).

Future Plans

  • health workaround
  • check console commands input/NRE
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