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About Keylock Computer

Adjust a 4-digit code players have to enter to open doors, activate turrets, turn on lights or do whatever you want with it.

The ZIP-File contains the keylock computer and the raw circuit prefab, if you want to create another case for it.



Counters in RustEdit seems to be broken at the moment. The keylock computer is using 12 counters. It is possible that im some cases, the counters will count in double steps or tripple steps. At the moment it isn´t possible to fix it, because it´s not a circuit side issue. Hopefully it will fixed with the next forced wipe or RustEdit patch.

If you notice any issues, please let me know.



Please read the How to PDF-File, that´s attached to the ZIP-File with the prefab. I wrote it in my best Kraut-English and hope it´s understandable for you. Otherwise take a look at the instruction video linked below. Setting up the keylock computer the first time could be a little tricky, so please follow the instructions before asking for support. 

Please pay attention that in some cases IO elements could dissapear or don't work the right way. It's an RustEdit side issue. It will mostly appear if doing a mid-wipe, breaking the prefab and use the undo command in RustEdit or moving the prefab after breaking it too much. In this case try to replace the prefab.

The keylock computer can only be setting up in RustEdit. Don´t try to change the counter values ingame. The whole thing is build like this, that players can´t change values from the front. But you have to ensure, the back is covered or hidden.


Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/


Demo Video:



Instruction Video:



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