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Mappy 03 - 2800 Map Size with Launch site 1.0.0


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About Mappy 03 - 2800 Map Size with Launch site

Mappy 03 - 2800 Map Size with Launch site 


This map is originally a procedural one based. (map size 2801 - seed : 4573165)

I added Launch site monument, 
boosted a little bit spawn around road, 
removed satellite monument to gain player building place.

This small map with Large monuments added are perfect to fit on small low-pop server to increase interaction between players and enjoy puzzle like Launch site Monuments.

This map have been tested during 1 week on mid-pop server before added here.


Launch Site
Bandit Town
Harbor (2)
Oil Rig (2)
Sphere Tank
Water Treatment Plant
Small Caves (2)
Medium Caves
Gas Stations
Lighthouses (2)
Quarries (3)
Water Wells


I can customize map like you want, add or remove some monuments, etc..  
Don't hesitate to send me a message with your needs.

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