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About Server Status

Send a message to Discord when the server startup or is offline.


qquit - Shut down the server.

(send discord messages)


  "Discord WebHook": "webhookurl",
  "Embed Title": "Server Status 💫",
  "Embed Fields Online": "📡 Server is Online | ✅",
  "Embed Fields Offline": "📡 Server is Offline | ❌",
  "Embed Fields Restart": "📡 Server is Restart | ❌",
  "Embed Fields Online Reason": "Server OPEN!!!",
  "Embed Fields Quit Reason": "Server Shutdown Save Map&Data",
  "Embed Fields Cancel Restart Reason": "Cancel restart",
  "Embed Fields Restart Reason": "Restarting Server",
  "Embed Fields Status": "Status",
  "Embed Fields Time": "Time",
  "Embed Fields Time Format": "MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss",
  "Embed Fields Reason": "Reason",
  "Server Status (don't change)": "offline"

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