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Explore both free and premium custom prefabs for use in custom maps for various games such as Rust.

58 files

  1. Free

    Vault Door + Control Panel

    36 sliding blast doors arranged in a circle to simulate a vault door and opens with a circular effect.
    Due to some changes in the RustEdit IO system after the last updates, I rebuild the vault door with a new circuit and added some kind of control panel for easy adding up to 4 switches/cardreader and additional lights, traps, doorcontroller, aso.
    Please take a look at the tutorial video before asking for support.
    Basic Rust IO knowledge is necessary.
    Tutorial Video:

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  2. Free

    Aim Train Targets

    A simple and easy aim train targets prefab. 
    Comes in 3 building grades (stone, metal, and high quality metal) Includes 25,50,75,100,150 and 200 meter lanes.  Prefab count: 935

    Change log:
    Reduced Prefab count heavily Added Prevent movement volume in front of lanes

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    • 1,258
    • 674
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  3. $5.00

    Bit of Salt surfshop - 464 pieces - vending machine

    Bit of salt surfshop is a full decorated shop with a vending machine, basic lootbox and a pool on the side
    for diving instructions  before heading over to the sea.
    size 8x6 foundations
    464 pieces 
    vending machine ( set your profile you want, to sell ingame )
    fully decorated inside and outside 
    prefab includes height, splat and alpha files.
    hope you enjoy 

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  4. $5.50

    Pressed steel corp. - 1600 pieces - lootspawns

    This is a recreation in rust from a diorama and i decided to build this as a prefab
    1600 pieces
    size is 6x5 foundations,  2 story high
    fully decorated inside and has: 2 basic crate, 3 toolbox, 1 big and 1 militairy crate
    last picture is the diorama i build it from
    hope you like it.

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  5. $5.00

    Dark wolf post

    This prefab offers the Majestic look of magical scenes and offers a working t3 repair bench and a working recycler all custom made into a prefab if you would like to put this on your server as a mystical math or anything or need any help please get ahold of me

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  6. Free

    Traffic Circle Fountain

    Two traffic circle prefabs (clean and broken) with a classcube fountain in the middle.
    Includes sockets and can be combined with all kinds of roadtiles that have pavement.

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  7. $34.99

    Kbedits Arena: Lockout

    This is an arena style prefab based on Halo 2's Lockout map.
    Prefrab Count: 4130 
    Great nostalgia for any Halo fan. 
        I wanted to re-create this for rust to try and bring both worlds together. I did this Arena as a challenge for
        myself, I learned a tremendous amount while putting this together. Was frustrating at times but the end result was better than expected.
    This includes:
        1. Prefab
            a. .prefab
            b. prefab.alpha
            c. prefab.biome
            d. prefab.heights
            e. prefab.splat0
            f. prefab.splat1
            g. prefab.topology
        2. Map
            a. Kbedits-LockOut-v1-0-2.map
    ATTENTION: To place and move Arena where you need it inside RustEdit, please follow these instructions carefully.
        1. Update RustEdit.
        2. Place the prefabs in your "custom prefabs" folder.
        3. In RustEdit, load your own map, create a new map, or use the map provided.
        4. Bring up your Scene Hierarachy - View > Sene Hierarachy. or Press H.
        5. Click on Prefab List on the top right.
        6. Under custom select "Kbedits-Halo-2-Lockout-Arena-v102".
        7. Once placed and loaded, BEFORE moving it, break the prefab.
        8. Immeadiately after breaking the prefab, in your scene hierarachy
            a. click on "All"
            b. at the bottom click Select All
        9. Once everything has been selected click on "Disconnect Prefabs". 
        10. If done correctly you are now free to move the arena anywhere you want with out it breaking.
    ATTENTION: Protecting your map and your prefabs.
        11. Once placed in your map use the prefab list, at the bottom Click Create custom Prefab.
            a. Radius: 275
            b. Fade: 10
            c. check all boxes
            d. In each drop down select "Everything"
            e. Make sure "Convert Selection To Group" IS CHECKED.
            d. Enter a new name for the prefab itself.
            f. Then click on Save Prefab.
        After this is all done, click "Edit" at the top left. Select "Password"
        Set a new password for your map and do not share it with anyone. 
        Do not forget your password or you wont be able to edit your map.
    This prevents people from downloading your map and taking free prefabs from it.
    Repeat step 11. for your entire map, to protect everything on your map.
    If players complain about lag while playing in this arena, Try to distance the arena itself from any other major occupied areas in your map. Works best as a stand-alone. 
    Alot of players don't have beefy computers, and this arena does have a lot of Lights. You can remove all the lights from the arena to help improve fps. 
        a. Scene Hierarachy
        b. Search "Plight" or "Spotlight"
        c. Select all and then delete the prefabs by pressing your "Delete" key. (make sure your mouse isn't over any of the RustEdit UI's. 
        This will delete all the lights used.
    If you have any issues, please post in the support section of this download.

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    • 638
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  8. $8.00

    USSR Buildings Pack 2

    New pack, new USSR-inspired residential buildings!
    This is a collection of 8 decorative USSR-inspired buildings, fully optimized and ready for use. All buildings have only exterior to ensure the best performance.
    Prefabs Info: 
    Building E Default: 1075 prefabs
    Building E Damaged: 1690 prefabs
    Building F Default: 1762 prefabs
    Building F Damaged: 1917 prefabs
    Building G Default: 1937 prefabs
    Building F-G Combined: 3737 prefabs
    Building H Default: 877 prefabs
    Building J Default: 635 prefabs
    Building H-J Triple: 2468 prefabs
    Building K Default: 1034 prefabs
    Building L Default: 1026 prefabs
    Building M Default: 429 prefabs
    Check out the previous pack:

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    • 217
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  9. $5.00

    Farm Islands by the seasons

    Custom farm islands.
    Decored locations for farm. Can be placed on any map. File contains height, topology,splat, biom layers, You need just apply them all and you've got a farm island on your map!

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    • 635
    • 22
    • 6


  10. $2.99


    Sealand!! This is a small prefab based on sealand in the UK! its actully its own country!!
    Thought it would be nice to just have somthing a little diffrent in the sea! can be accesed VIA boat, or heli, low tier loot. has 1x green mili crate on it.
    players on my server use it as a pit stop between cargos or oilrig for the use of the recycler etc.

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    • 147
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  11. $3.99


    Small Themepark/Amusmentpark/Carnival prefab!
    low tier loot.
    Just somthing a little diffrent to add to your server for players to explore!

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    • 229
    • 7
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  12. $1.90

    Fontset: Dot Matrix IO

    7-segment dot matrix fontset with electrical inputs and 204 letters, numbers and special characters.
    Can be combined with your own circuits.

    Prefab count per 7-segment panel: ~60-70
    To avoid performance drops because of the light effects, don´t write whole books with the fontset. Tested all letters at once without massive performance drops but always remember not all players have high end machines.
    Just drag & drop the fonts you want to use and connect your power source or circuit to the OR-switches, which are attached at the back of each panel.
    Each letter is saved as a seperate prefab for easy use.
    The panels can NOT be resized.
    Some expansions are planned or work in progress.
    Upcoming expansions will be part of an update and will be free for previous customers of the fontset.
    Planned and/or work in progress:
    Dot matrix IO fontset in lightblue optics DONE! Dot matrix IO fontset with reinforced glass DONE! additional RAND circuit to simulate flickering lights as plug & play circuit Dot matrix IO fontset as broken variant with flickering and broken lights Moving Textlights  
    Demo Video:

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    • 271
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  13. $2.00

    Car Soccer field

    Car soccer field with working goal counter and reset button ( on the side off the goal ) 
    just spawn in the amount off cars ( "spawn sedan" in console )  and have fun 
    the ball should be autospawn since its in the file  if its not there you can use  spawn ball.entity in console to get a new ball. 
    the ball cant go out due to a invisible collider on the top off the field 
    file includes height and splat
    size  32x21 foundations 

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    • 227
    • 2
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  14. $1.00

    Rusty Gulag

    Description about project: this project is designed as an arena for 1v1 and based on Call of Duty Warzone Gulag.
    Project Rusty Gulag might not require a high-end PC to run, project was tested on i5 2500k, GTX 1060 3GB and 8Gb of RAM averaging 40-60FPS.
    If You manage to spot a bug or something missing in this project please contact Lone.Design support or project developer.

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    • 222
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  15. $3.50

    Triple cave brought back to life

    As my players on my servers love the triple caves i desided to recreate it again  so i can  change out the old caves that have now been altered  by facepunch  with the intended version and gave it a bit nicer entrance to it aswell
    hope you all like it 

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    • 242
    • 8
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  16. $5.99

    8 Race Circuit

    A nice 8 Race car circuit with 1 looping and 1 tremplin/springboard.
    Here's a 1 race tour video ! https://streamable.com/2egwe2
    WATCH OUT:  There is only  1 circuit in the file !!!!  8 is the figure circuit style
    Prefab Counts: 2041
    Discord : Mappy#3933

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    • 369
    • 14
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  17. Free

    Pixelbuddies Lamps - Set 1

    Five Pixel Buddies Glowing Lamps.
    Decorative pixelart objects with a slight red glowing effect in the dark.
    Join the team of Duperman, Fault Boy, Harlequin, Mogaman and Thunderbolt and save the earth.

       (1 review)
    • 291
    • 34
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  18. Free

    Fontset: Wargames White

    Custom fontset with 48 letters, numbers and special characters.
    Low prefab count.
    Fully scaleable and rotateable.
    Every letter is saved as own prefab. So no breaking to seperate the letters is needed.

       (0 reviews)
    • 249
    • 26
    • 0


  19. Free

    Fontset: Wargames Black

    Custom fontset with 48 letters, numbers and special characters.
    Low prefab count.
    Fully scaleable and rotateable.
    Every letter is saved as own prefab. So no breaking to seperate the letters is needed.

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    • 195
    • 11
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  20. Free

    Fontset: Happy Killer Black

    Custom fontset with 26 letters.
    No numbers included.
    Extreme low prefab count.
    Fully scaleable and rotateable.
    Every letter is saved as own prefab. So no breaking to seperate the letters is needed.

       (0 reviews)
    • 179
    • 11
    • 0


  21. Free


    Simple score boards that can be used for allot of random stuff.

    - MemoBoards
    - BillBoards
    - Rules
    - Score board

    You can use the SignArtist commands on this and lock them easily.
    Low prefab count and has a enclosed backside
    zip file containes 2 ScoreBoards 1 with and 1 without lighting

       (1 review)
    • 344
    • 35
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  22. $6.99

    House Bundle

    A bundle made of all my houses. Cheaper than buying them all separately!
    -Bundle of 5 houses.
    -1 Mansion, 3x Houses and a log cabin.
    -Beautiful modern architecture.
    If you wish to edit any of the designs please contact the author.
    Please refer to individual products for prefab count and any extra information.

       (1 review)
    • 298
    • 6
    • 0


  23. $3.99

    Modern House 2

    Simply, an amazing looking suburban house that can be part of a suburb, neighborhood, building complex or anything you wish to pair it with.
    -Two floor design, with easy access.
    -Multiple exits and entrances.
    -Aesthetically pleasing/Beautiful appearance.
    -Excellent Architecture
    -Stunning back yard/garden.
    -Simple foliage and trees adding a rustic feel to the design.
    Prefab Count: 977
    Please contact the author if you wish to make any changes.

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    • 164
    • 3
    • 0


  24. $3.99

    Modern House 3

    Modern house designed around rectangular architecture, get this prime piece of real-estate right now!
    This house is a simple yet cleverly designed property fit for any city, suburb, or unique location.
    -Modern design.
    Loot room with clever layout that is easily configurable. (Room for workbench, research table, more boxes, etc.)
    -Low prefab count as to not result in any performance loss!
    -Simple yet pleasant interior, and it's also easily configurable to fit any needs. (Easy to add workbench/ repair bench etc.)
    If you have any problems with configuring or editing contact author.
    Prefab Count: 258

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    • 130
    • 4
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  25. $3.99

    Modern House 1

    Have you ever wanted a modern piece of real estate? Well, you can now have a prime piece of real-estate with unique modern architecture not commonly seen in rust.
    Here I have designed a medium sized house that can be easily implemented into any any city, suburb, or unique location.
    -Two floor that are easily accessible with a spiral stairway linking them.
    -Lots of natural light to remove the need for lighting.
    -Modern architecture.
    -Low prefab count meaning no impact on performance.
    -Simple yet pleasant interior, and it’s also easily configurable to fit any needs. (Easy to add workbench/ repair bench etc.)
    If you have any problems with configuring or editing contact author.
    Prefab Count: ~350

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    • 182
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