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About RustyBanLite

RustyBan is a simple no hassle Community Ban system.


RustyBanLite will search our database whenever a player connects, If they have been banned off one of our partnered servers it will prevent entry to the player.

No configuration needed, No messing about, Just drop the plugin in and start your protection today.

Our database of cheaters and troublemakers is growing daily... Don't get caught with your pants down!


We have a configuration if you want to change the default setup. 
None of these setting are required to start your protection however if you want to use discord web hooks or allow banned players to join.. this is where you do it..

use of discord requires Discord Messages from uMod

  "Allow Players But Warn Admin": false,
  "Warn To Discord": false,
  "Discord webhook": "Discord Webhook"

For more information on the Project and to learn about becoming a Partnered server come see us at http://www.RustyBan.com

***NEW From RustyBan***
RustyBans now has a Centralized Banning API, Works the same as the RustyBanLite.
You can use the database on vanilla servers.

Just set the convar

server.bansServerEndpoint http://api.rustyban.com/centralcheck.php?steamId=

You can look up more on the Centralized Banning system here https://wiki.facepunch.com/rust/centralized-banning

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