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  1.  1.0.2 SKIROW

    Villa on the rocks

    _ This luxury villa built on the rocks has a hot-tub on the main terrace, two smaller terraces on the second floor and an observation post on the third floor. The lights outside the villa and the heaters inside the hot-tub automatically turn at night and turn off at sunrise. This monument comes with two versions: Light version with all ceiling lights OFF and Original version with those lights ON. Both versions have a manual switch in the basement to turn the heat ON. 
    _ The basement has a secured room that can be accessible after activating 3 buttons (A, B and C in order) Those buttons are hidden around the villa. There are also 3 furnaces encased inside the wall and a recycler accessible to players without resolving the puzzle.
    _ The first floor has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with custom made furniture and a fireplace. 
    _ The second floor has one bedroom, one bathroom and two small terraces.
    _ The third floor has the best view from the observation post.
    Video by Raul-Sorin Sorban
    Discord: https://discord.gg/XSykjZ6Nwt
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SKIROW
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/skirow
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadeBySKIROW
     1.0.1 UVSTAR

    [HDRP READY] Underground Cobalt Bunker

    Underground Cobalt Bunker is a simplistic bunker monument that's underground and contains all 3 types of card puzzles.
    Prefab Count - 1386
    Prefab Modifiers:
    Once downloaded, unzip and place the files in "Program Files (x86)\RustEdit\CustomPrefabs" folder.
    Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server
    Camera ID's
    ID: observationroom2 - Location: (41.1, 8.8, -65.6)
    ID: observationroom1 - Location: (33.8, 8.8, -65.6)
    ID: medicalroom - Location: (38.5, 2.6, -103.2)
     1.0.0 Cewkies

    Steam Works - volcano

    Steamworks - BlackRock 
    with new lands comes new prosperity , rich in resources , and it has not gone unoticed by cobalt , BlackRock Volcano with its molten magma core is perfect for alloy's and oil, with all that steam being produced why not turn that into more power for more resources! , sneaky scientists ....theyve set up a number of machines  to help them in their endevours including some quarries inside and plan to start shipping those resources out ASAP, if it werent for the natives constantly trying to take it for themselfs , cobalt have made sure it stays well protected with heavy troops and an APC.
    1000 wide monument island 
    puzzle - requires
    - 3 x fuse 
    - 1 green card 
    - 1 red card 
    - 1 blue card 
    - jumping
    20 x yellow barrel
    20 x  oil barrel 
    7 x normal crate
    3 x food 
    6 x medical crate
    6 x green normal crates
    12 x ammo crates
    2 x c4
    2 x elite crate 
    1 x hackable crate
     2.0.4 Rsmv

    Mr.Bones Casidome

    Mr.Bones Welcomes you and all to his new attraction! Casidome!

    A Large Scale, Vertical Oriented Outpost/Bandit Replacement Monument for Roleplay, Vanilla and Modded servers alike. All elements built into the three different sections are within rustedit balance, confines, gravity and resources. This monument is also built to be a combination of all the amenities of both Bandit and Outpost but built into the framework of a fully navigable and roleplay-centric structure, but still viable for Vanilla and Modded (2x, 5x etc) servers without adding anything or breaking any game rules or balance.

    Included in the Casidome is:
     - 2 blue loot barrel
     - 2 regular loot barrel
     - 7 food trash spawns
     - 1 Workbench Tier 1
     - 3 Recyclers. all spaced out between the three different sections
     - 1 Blueprint Table
     - 2 Repairbenches
     - 1 Airwolf Spawn
     - All the shops from Outposts
     - All the shops from Bandit including Black Market being split between two shops in two locations
     - Big Wheel with 6 seating terminals of various seating
     - Numerous slot machines in key parts of the dome
     - 2 Poker Tables with ambient fireplace setting
     - Various non game impacting roleplay elements, random seating locations, hidden easter eggs, 
     - Flooded underground explorable cave system contained within the dome
    - Rising buildings and structures placed atop of the dome themed around the Cyberpunk aesthetic

    Different variations coming in the future:
    Different versions for all biomes
    Vanilla and Non Vanilla variants
    Even more optimized frame rate friendly variant 

    Come on by and take a tour of Mr Bones Casidome! Don't forget, you're here forever!
     1.0.0 FireCrow

    FireCrow Factory

    This is a huge factory, is a Tier 3 monument, has puzzles, npc and elite crates.

    This semi-abandoned factory is surrounded by a rusty and leaky fence behind which there are many railroad tracks and various wagons.
    The territory of the factory is completely overgrown, you can get lost in it. Outside, you will find barrels and simple crates, in some wagons and corners, you can get to the NPC.

    Inside the factory, there are also npc and simple crates, but here you can also find a couple of green crates
    In addition, there is a not very difficult puzzle during the passage of which you will need to overcome parkour through the pipes to get to the fuse box, and the player will find green and elite boxes.
     0.9.1 StonyBaboon

    Merged Outpost

    All the shops from the bandit camp together with those in the outpost. 1 Shoop Keeper that buy 1 Disel Fuel for 100 Low Grade AirWolf Casino (wheel of fortune, slot machines and black jack tables) Automatic lights (rust edit plugin) Car access Parking lot 7 CCTV 5 Recyclers 2 Research Tables 2 Oil Refiners 2 Level 1 Work Bench 2 Repair Bench 5 Road Sign Spawners All in one CCTV List
    Enjoy a new outpost, for small maps and to save performance, discover a familiar but completely original outpost.
    Disclamer tunnel entry not included as currently cannot be grouped as prefab, will be updated as soon as possible.
     1.0.0 Hendrik

    Car Facility

    Car Facility
    -Red Keycard Monument
    -Plenty of Loot
    -Puzzle for Green and Blue Keycard
    -4 Military Crates
    -Refinery, Recycler
    This is my first ever try with Rust Edit 🙂 Was quite a journey learning most of the stuff learning by doing. Still got a bunch of questions about everything. So hopefully this was the first step towards joining and contributing to the community. Feel free to contact me about all issues or bugs you might encounter.
    Good Luck to everyone participating.
     1.0.0 Agmar

    Small Cabin

    A small little cabin with a cave out the back
    Cave is a green card room
    First monument i've made 🙂

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